Illustrator James Aaron Hislope

Welcome to Art, Illustrations, and Portraits by James Aaron Hislope.  Your visions are created true through the artistic abilities of James.  Welcome.

Individual, Family, Pets, Children, Parties, Groups, and Gatherings.  Portrait Illustrations immortalize those who live in your heart.


Books, magazines, wall art, and murals.  Illustrations by James creates beautiful artwork that will last a lifetime.


Business logos, Icons, T-shirts, and other digital art.  Graphics add an extra layer of “pop” to your work and business.

Featured Art

Tales of Wood: Comic Series
Gold Island: Short Stories
the Artist

James Hislope

James Aaron Hislope is an artist, painter, and published illustrator.  He is also a father, brother, and son on a mission to share his love of the world through art and illustrations.

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